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Blues Cruise
The Oklahoma Blues Society
Blues music is an example of a pure home-grown American musical idiom, developed originally by black Americans in the deep South. It's music with a very tight set of boundaries governing chord progressions and lyrics, so it takes a very creative mind to innovate within those
boundaries. Blues musicians have been more than up to the task, though!

Blues music exploded out of the South in the late 1920s, spreading
widely around the country and, evenually, the world. In its purest form,
arguably that springing from the "Delta" region of Mississippi, it is
relatively simple and limited in form. But the blues has changed with
time, becoming incorporated into jazz, rock and roll, and even country and western music. I've had a love affair with the blues all my life, but for years I didn't know what a rich history it has and how much it has
influenced musicians in other genres.

This show is all about sharing my love for the blues and is the kind of
radio to which I'd tune in whenever possible. I've got some ideas about
special features for the show I hope to be able to do. Along the way,
I'll talk about some of what I've learned concerning various aspects of
the blues and point listeners to where to go for more. Stop by my juke
joint for a double shot of undiluted blues with me and my co-host RJ
Evans. Come as you are and the party will go on late into the night!!